What is a giclée art print?

So what is the difference between a giclée art print and a standard digital art print?

The availability of smart phones, devices and home office printers has given anyone the ability to easily print any image, downloadable from the internet. Most home printers are extremely convenient and cheap, but the prints are not designed to last, due to lack of quality inks and paper. These inks can fade, particularly if the poster is displayed in direct sunlight or damp conditions. A good quality digital print is not only much better quality but can last much longer and is much more durable than a print from a home laser printer.

However, standard digital prints can not compare with a quality giclée art print for durability and quality. Giclée printing uses high quality inkjet printers and pigment based inks (as opposed to dye based inks). Prints are also made on acid free speciality paper designed to ensure durability and long lasting prints, Giclée prints are said to last anything up to 200 years before any noticeable shift in colour integrity.